Phantasos builds upon the experience of our sister watch brands Angles Watches and ZŪM Watches with employees, designers, offices, collaborators, warehouses, manufacturing, and sourced parts from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and the United States. With headquarters in Concord, Massachusetts and additional design and manufacturing in Hong Kong, we have a global approach to our customer service 24/7.

Phantasos Watches

A Luxury Mechanical Watch That Rotates it's Hour Facets Instead of Just "Wandering" Spinning Them
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Bringing luxury watches to life from our dreams...

We introduce our latest brand with a show-stopper of a watch - The Triclops! Search the Internet. Ask your Master Horologist obsessed (like we are) with mechanical movements and the complications that capture our attention: are any other three-armed wandering hour complications like the Triclops? Three-armed wandering hour watches are exclusive and rare and usually very expensive. And virtually all others employ three flat sapphire or metal disks with hour numbers represented on each disk. The Triclops goes a different direction: the hours are now on each facet of a 4-sided rectangular cylinder (an "hourlisk") that like a long blink turns to its new hour as the hourlisk starts its travel across the minute register above. It is more "active" and far less confusing than reading a 2 dimensional disk with all 4 numbers of each disk visible. The three "eyes" spin around our Triclops giving the wearer a bold and striking statement. This watch is a game-changer. Not just a wandering hour complication: The Triclops uses a Rotating Hour Complication!